Laptop Cystoscope

Cystoscopy typically needs a lot of equipment to carry out the procedure and diagnose or treat the patient. Our research has helped simplify the procedure and allowed it to be used with just a laptop and scope.


The laptop cystoscope is a simplified cystoscope that is self-contained, and only requires the use of a laptop with a USB port to operate, compared to more advanced versions that require additional specialised equipment that may be difficult to transport and provide power for in rural settings.

RSI won the BIRAC-BIG award from the Indian Government for working on the Laptop Cystoscope with SINE-IIT Bombay. Surveys show that even in remote areas, about 5% of outpatients have Urology problems. More than half of them could be managed with just a Cystoscope that is used for diagnosis and for minor first stage procedures. However, at present, less than 2% of the Urology patients can get the necessary treatment in rural areas because non – Urologists are unable to afford the conventional Cystoscope and the accessory equipment like the camera, light source and others that are necessary for Cystoscopy.

The Laptop Cystoscope costs about one twentieth of the conventional Cystoscopy setup as it can be connected to the Laptop to perform diagnostic and other procedures. Controlled trials are going on at Medical Colleges and rural hospitals for validation.