Gas Insufflation-Less Laparoscopic Surgery (GILLS)

Gasless Laparoscopy allows carrying out laparoscopic surgeries without the need for the associated infrastructure for insufflation and allows the use of spinal anaesthesia instead of general anaesthesia


The gasless laparoscope is a lift device that that creates an abdominal cavity to carry out laparoscopic procedures without the use of gas insufflation and general anaesthesia.

The gasless laparoscopic lift device enables the use of laparoscopic surgeries in environments where it would not be possible otherwise. It reduces infrastructure needs, and the need for general anaesthia, allowing for faster patient recovery.

The device uses a a spiral lift device to lift the abdominal wall and create a cavity to operate within.

The GILLS device has been developed further in association with the ARSI at the University of Leeds, where an improved version has been prototyped, with the new version known as RAIS (Retractor for Abdominal insufflation-Less Surgery).