Rural Surgery Innovations Private Limited

Rural Surgery Innovations Private Limited (RSI) is a company formed in association with the International Federation of Rural Surgeons (IFRS) and the Association of Rural Surgeons of India (ARSI) to assist in carrying out rural surgery specific research and development of the products of such research.

We also conduct medical camps in underserved rural areas of India and organise training in the usage of the instruments that are being sold, in association with local hospitals and medical training institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make suregry accessible to areas that are normally deprived of the resources to carry out surgery, so that life-saving diagnostics treatment can be carried out where it was not possible to do so previously.

Rural Surgery Innovations Private Limited

Est 2021

Our Story

The RSI Base Hospital is in the “Chellappa Nursing Home” in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu in India. It is a 15 – bed surgical facility with capabilities for open, laparoscopic, and endoscopic surgeries. It was started by Dr. JDJ Chellappa one of the senior surgeons in Tiruchirappalli three decades ago. Dr. Gnanaraj Jesudian is the surgeon at the base hospital and Dr. JDJ Chellappa takes care of the outpatients.

The main office of RSI is in Nagaland, in Northeast India where the majority of demand and services for training and equipment currently happens. This is where Mr. Kesochie works from and organises the services of RSI. Dr. Gnanaraj has spent a significant portion of his professional career working in this part of India and is familiar with the needs of the patients here.