Laptop Cystoscope

RSI produces the innovative Laptop Cystoscope that does away with the need for the telescope along with monitor, light source and camera that are necessary for conventional cystoscopies. Diagnostic cystoscopies are possible with the Laptop Cystoscope, which can also be used for minor procedures.

STAAN Laparoscopy Positioner

This device makes Laparoscopic surgeries possible in remote and rural areas under the easily available and less expensive spinal anesthesia.

RAIS Device

Developed from the STAAN Laparoscopy Positioner at the University of Leeds, this surgical device is lighter and autoclavable in standard autoclaves.

RAIS Device Adaptor

This adaptor enables the use of several types of ring retractors and other retractors with the RAIS device for both open and laparoscopic surgeries.

Modified Hand Instruments

These hand instruments are modified for use with Gasless laparoscopic surgeries.

LapPack image
LapPack Laparoscopic Trainer

This is a low-cost, low fidelity laparoscopic trainer developed at the University of Leeds, and scientifically validated. The simple set-up and low cost is well-suited for rural environment training. Order at lappack.co.in